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Local marketing strategies with a focus on social media to engage with your audience, build brand awareness, and increase sales.


Why is digital marketing Important for Beauty & Cosmetics

For modern beauty and cosmetics brands, social media is essential, with sponsored content and influencer marketing providing new and effective ways of advertising products and services to a huge audience. While social media can provide huge scope to your business, however, you shouldn’t neglect the local side of things. Local marketing helps to provide targeted solutions that grab the attention of local consumers and build your brand among the customers closest to you, increasing footfall and sales at your physical locations.


of consumers bought beauty products after discovering them through social media ads, and 33% due to recommendations or comments on social media


For 62% of female YouTube users, the most viewed video category is beauty and style – taking advantage of this audience can be a powerful tool for your beauty brand


User-generated content such as influencer videos and blogs are 35% more memorable and 50% more trustworthy to millennials than other media


of millennials make cosmetics purchases based on online media and reviews – making content marketing a useful strategy for increasing sales


of millennials say authenticity is important to them when deciding which brands to support, making social media and content marketing an important method of engaging and proving authenticity.

How we can help that industry

Our Local Marketing Models & Services can help create a solid marketing strategy. 

Minimising risk and cost, facilitating market penetration, and enhancing your local presence with powerful local personalisation.

Specialists In Local Marketing

Our team of dedicated local marketing specialists have all the skills and knowledge you need to make your beauty business a success.

Tailored Solutions

We craft unique local marketing solutions tailored specifically for your business, capitalising on its unique character to deliver striking solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Adaptable & Affordable

Our versatile range of solutions can be adapted and customised to suit your needs, with highly scalable solutions offering powerful ROI.

Global Team, Local Impact

Our team works from around the world, but is always on hand to provide you with support and guidance to help your business succeed locally.


We're an all-in-one local marketing agency. Built to help the Beauty & Cosmetics businesses.

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Discover our Marketing Models.

Our Local Marketing models have been designed through years of experience, testing, results and failures – we have now built different solutions which can help a business grow according to multiple factors. 

Every success story starts with a map – a plan, a strategy, a roadmap. When it comes to local marketing, we mean this literally. 


Why is Digital Marketing important for Beauty & Cosmetics industry, and other FAQs

Social media is a powerful tool for the beauty and cosmetics industry thanks to the rise of influencer marekting and beauty tutorials on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. But it can be hard to keep on top of an effective social media strategy while also running your business. Social media management ensures you can focus on your business knowing your social media is in good hands.

There are often a high concentration of beauty and cosmetics businesses within a local area, so local SEO ensures that when consumers search for a local hairdresser, nail bar, or salon, yours is the first one they see.


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