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Local marketing for
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Even businesses without a physical location can benefit from local marketing – our hyper-targeted solutions allow your online or E-commerce business to increase visibility and brand awareness in key geographical areas, improve lead generation, and boost sales. We customise our solutions with your business and its goals to deliver exceptional results.


Local marketing for E-Commerce provides an extremely personal user experience, which builds trust and relationships.

Community Engagement

Communities are built out of marketing efforts that speak to a specific location. Communities want to do business with brands they feel a personal connection with.

Highly Targeted

Say good-bye to spray-and-pray marketing, which wastes time, money, and resources because it is ineffective. Local marketing strategies for E-Commerce are highly targeted, and therefore, extremely effective.

Competitive Edge

Because most business leaders and marketing teams don’t consider the connection between local and E-Commerce marketing, the field is left wide open, giving your business a competitive edge.

Effective Marketing Channels

Targeted local advertising and local SEO raise brand awareness and reputation among key consumers, helping you compete with even the largest competitors.

Three primary ways local marketing leverages

Hybrid Shoppers

Many customers are now hyrbrid shoppers. They go to a brick-and-mortar store to buy a product for the first time and they will then order the related product recurringly online. This is because they validate the product and know what to exdpect for future orders. This can be clothing (new colours, right size), products, and quality performance.

Store Expansion

The first involves the expansion of a brick-and-mortar store. Taking products and services online as an expansion of a physical store, then catering to local surrounding markets, and replicating that process across several markets is a highly effective way to grow an E-Commerce business.

Personalised Experience

The second way involves speaking to local communities through highly geo and targeted marketing channels and then replicating that across several locations. BigDreams is one of the few marketing firms that has figured out how to marry the success of local online and offline channels to grow E-Commerce.


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Our solutions

Our Localised Solutions
for E-commerce


Hyperlocal advertising is highly effective because it is targeted to a specific area and audience, who are in need of your specific products and services.

Optimised Content

Content optimised with local keywords speaks directly to an audience that will eventually grow into a community.

Personalised Promotions

When your E-Commerce business personalises promotions for a certain location or specific audience, conversions grow and so does your business.


We find the markets you want to speak to and build local strategies through geo-targeting.

Omni-Channel Strategies

We coordinate online and offline messaging using localisation to grow foot-traffic and E-Commerce sales.

Innovative Integrations

CRM, automation, and business intelligence integrations to streamline your processes and deliver powerful insights.

How our solutions create value for

Local marketing enables E-commerce and online businesses to implement hyper-targeted campaigns engaging their most valuable audiences, driving visibility, sales, and success with tailor-made campaigns and strategies.

Our Local Powered Services

We're an all-in-one digital agency, built for your local growth.


Questions & Answers

Many people would expect E-commerce to not require local marketing. However, local marketing strategies can help an E-shop grow with a more substantial local target experience, leading to more sales, better advertising spend control, and help create an excellent model to scale sales. We can also provide an E-commerce marketing strategy to help with all the setups, payment and shop management. 

This will depend on the requirements, target, and products. We advise you to visit our pricing store and contact us with a brief, so we can provide an in-depth plan and possible costs.

One essential part of any strategy is to ensure that all our reporting, analytics, and Business intelligence are set up to track each step of the success.

We always set a 3 months milestone between preparation and implementation to start seeing results.

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