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Empower your E-store
through the power of Local.

Showcase your online store in the best light and create powerful results with our expert local marketing solutions.

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Local marketing for E-commerce & online businesses

BigDreams offers targeted and personalized local marketing services to enhance your online or E-commerce store’s profile, increase brand recognition, and boost sales growth. Our customized approach combines the best of both worlds: online and offline sales, resulting in a powerful omnichannel experience.

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Melanie BigDreams Testimonial

“Through BigDreams' impressive strategic vision, our local e-shop has seen tremendous growth with sales increasing by an astonishing 20%. Our customers can now easily find us in response to their location-based requests.”

Melanie O.Fashion Store

93% of consumers used online searches to find a local business.

Local and E-Commerce: Empower the Mix

We use three primary methods to empower our mix of e-commerce and local marketing.

Smart Shopping Hybrid shopper

Enhance Hybrid Shopping

Take advantage of the convenience and selection of online shopping while utilizing brick-and-mortar stores for brand discovery with our hybrid solutions.


Brick and Mortar Expansion

Expand your reach online and offline with our services that take your products and services to new locations.

Brick Mortar Marketing Physical Marketing 1
Community Marketing BigDreams

Targeted Community Performance

Foster meaningful relationships with your audience through personalized programs that leave a lasting impression.


Harness the power of localisation

Our local marketing strategies are highly targeted and effective, driving visibility, sales, and success with tailor-made campaigns and strategies.

Screenshot 2022 11 04 at 11.08.12 AM

Highly Targeted

Say goodbye to spray-and-pray marketing, which wastes time, money, and resources because it is ineffective. Local marketing strategies for E-Commerce are highly targeted and, therefore, extremely effective.

Community Engagement

Communities are built out of marketing efforts that speak to a specific location. Communities want to do business with brands they feel a personal connection with.


Local marketing for E-Commerce provides a highly personalized user experience, which builds trust and relationships.

Hyperlocal Advertising E shop Marketing

Think global, act local

Our hyper-targeted campaigns engage their most valuable audiences, driving visibility, sales, and success with tailor-made campaigns and strategies.

  • Hyper-local Geo-Fenced advertising.
  • Precision-targeted communication.
  • Higher conversions result from localised setup.
  • Local content provides a competitive advantage.

Build an efficient E-commerce system

Enhance the connection between your brick-and-mortar stores and online presence with our expert e-commerce solutions.

Our offerings include tailored design, setup, and training on crucial features like gift cards, products, and online services. All are optimized for maximum visibility and local marketing impact.

E Shop Digital Marketing
Amaury Use Case E shop Marketing 1

E-shop Lockfeet sees a remarkable 150% surge in organic search by local marketing.

The E-commerce platform, Lockfeet, saw a significant increase in organic search traffic with the help of local marketing. BigDreams targeted a smaller city before scaling up the marketing efforts, allowing Lockfeet to understand its audience and develop a successful go-to-market strategy quickly. The result was a remarkable +150% growth in organic search, achieved faster and cost-effectively.

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Questions & Answers

Why is Local Marketing important for E-Commmerce?

For E-Commerce businesses, local marketing is essential for tapping into the power of a booming digital economy. It’s an effective way to engage with customers in your immediate area and grow awareness about what you offer – from products or services to special offers.

Leveraging local strategies can help increase sales, promote customer loyalty and expand brand reach.

what type of local business can benefit from E-commerce?

Businesses of all sizes and backgrounds can take advantage of the vast opportunities that e-commerce provides. From small, specialized retailers to larger chain stores, embracing digital business models is becoming an innovative way for businesses to keep up with customer needs and stay competitive in their marketplaces.

How much does an E-commerce project cost?

At Bigdreams, we are flexible in meeting your e-commerce needs, from gift card payments to larger e-shop expansions. Our team will assess the scope of work during an initial call to provide you with a tailored solution and clear cost breakdown.

For those looking for long-term partnerships, performance-based contracts offer fixed monthly fees that include design costs and other initiatives – all contingent on successful results delivery. Please visit our pricing page today to learn more about our pricing options.


We’re an all-in-one digital agency built for your local growth.

Explore our marketing services toolkit designed to help your company grow sustainably and outperform competitors with the power of local marketing.

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