Boost Retail & Store Foot Traffic

Up Foot Traffic™ is a local marketing model whose entire purpose is to
attract walkins 
into your store or retail shop. 


We harness the power of local online & offline.

Brick and mortars have taken a hit in the last couple of years, but your storefront doesn’t have to be one of them. Regardless of your line of business, the  Up Foot Traffic™ model  is set to succeed. Built by testing hundreds of digital and offline touchpoints, the purpose of the model is to increase  in-store engagement.


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the Benefits

The benefits of using
Up Foot Traffic™

The model is designed to help every type of brick & mortar business grow, increase face-to-face and online sales by leveraging  digital tools and marketing tactics. To keep it simple; we will help you maximise the potential of your business.

In-Store Engagement

Online and offline tactics to increase your store walkins and increase sale engagement and customer loyalty.

Omni-channel & Multi-channel

Clear & consistent experience between the digital & in-store world to help grow retention, provide a brand experience and build awareness.

New Insights & Growth

Up Foot Traffic™ is not limited to just driving customers in-store, it also measures, reports and analyses your ideal personas, past customers and local surroundings to provide strategic insights.

More Sales & New Opportunities

Together we will increase in-store sales, build customer loyalty and ensure that your customers love your brand.

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What does Up Foot Traffic™ include?

Up Foot Traffic™ core purpose is in-store traffic – to do so, we use hundreds of strategic touchpoints online and offline. 

If someone is searching for your service, product or matches key attributes  – this in your geo-targeted area, then we will help your brand engage, at the right moment, the right way.

Strategic Planning & Research

We research everything - your industry, your community, your location, products and services as well as your competition and online reviews. With digital tools and surveys our in-depth research will gain key insights to set a plan and measure success.

Geo-focused & Targeted Marketing

We launch digital and offline marketing campaigns that are geo-focused - connecting all initiatives together to provide a strong experience with continuous engagement, limitless loyalty growth.

Content & Media

Our team will design all the required media going from imagery, advertising media to in-store posters and videos.

Analytics & Integrations

From CRM to automation and offline and online analytics - we connect all solutions and integrations together so that you are always in the know.

Who is it for?

Does your business require in-store sales or services?

If you have a brick-&-mortar business which requires foot traffic, then this solution is ideal for you – no matter the industry, size, service or product.

USE Cases

Some Up Foot Traffic™ Use Cases.

Every business is different, therefor our strategies will vary. But here are some tactics we’ve used in the past:


Questions & Answers

The Up myStore Visits™ model is best suited for multi-location and single location businesses. 

Here are the key elements of this model:

* Geo focused local SEO strategy
* Navigation / Maps / Local Directories
* Qr Codes / Setup for upsells and connecting offline with online
* Geo-Targeted campaigns including GeoFencing / Searxh and Social Advertising
* Social Media incentives/Planning strategy
* Social Influencers and bloggers
* Strategic campaigns / Offers to boost awareness and attraction
* Website optimisation
* Co-Op / Cross-promote marketing to drive awareness in local communities
* Reputation / Reviews optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complex topic, involving the implementation of techniques across your entire digital presence that help search engines (specifically Google) find your business. Google has over 200 ranking factors for search engine results! The bad news is that they are ever evolving. The good news is that we know what those ranking factors are and more importantly, we know which ones to focus on for your particular line of business.

Local SEO gets a bit more granular because it is hyper-focused on your location and specific search engine queries. What makes local SEO so vital is that Google is out to create the best user experience possible (in fact, most ranking factors are centered around this!). Making local SEO a focal point of an online strategy is crucial because many businesses don’t recognize its importance and value, so they don’t do anything about it. For this reason, a personalised local SEO strategy helps you in two key ways:

  1. You will satisfy the search engine Gods and populate for organic search engine results.
  2. If your competition has not taken local SEO seriously, it gives you a distinct advantage in customers finding you first.

We leverage an impressive tool stack that enables us to gather specific data and metrics for a Get on the Maps™ strategy. This allows us to measure effectiveness and ROI.

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