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BigDreams’ front-to-back social media solutions can grow your business’s online presence, grow your visibility, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

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Social media is one of the most important factors in a business’s online presence due to the sheer size of the audience it offers and the potential it provides for deeper engagement with target markets. BigDreams offers social media solutions to create the most effective social media presence to drive visibility and grow your business.

Local Engagement

We build our social media campaigns around the power of local. This type of engagement is the most valuable because it is focused and relevant.


Expand your reach with existing and potential customers with custom, holistic social media management.

Grow Sales

Maybe you have dabbled with social media but have been disappointed with the results. We take the trial and error out of engagement with our tested strategies. Consistent engagement leads to sales growth, which we can measure and prove.

Build Community

Build a sense of belonging and community with your social media campaigns through proper channel selection, design, content, and timing.

Humanise Brand

Build relationships with your audience through social media content that humanises your brand. Everyone wants to do business with someone they feel they know and like.

Tailored Strategies

Social media solutions personalised to your business to reflect its unique needs and goals.

Our Services

Our Social Media Management Services

Community Management

Social media is a vital component in digital marketing, offering huge audiences and unique ways to connect with them whilst building your brand. 

Social media management services ensure that your social media presence delivers the greatest benefit possible to your business.

Social Media Advertising

The options for social media advertising are vast, and while this type of advertising can be highly effective when done correctly, it is not cheap. We take the waste out of your advertising budget with strategic placement that is measurable.

Influencers & Partnerships

Guess what? Social media influencers and other partnerships are not just for large companies with corporate marketing budgets. We have systems and tools in place to align your business with influencers and partners that have a valuable social media presence, regardless of the size of your business.

Designs, Video & Content Creation

If you’ve done any reading about social media marketing in the last couple of years, you know how big video content is. But here again, how does the average business take that on? We have an experienced team that builds designs and video content that gets noticed, remembered, and commented on.

Social channels

We work across all social platforms.

We analyse your business, marketing goals, and customers to arrive at a custom and holistic social media campaign
for your business. Here are the channels we work with:


Our Facebook management service for businesses ensures that your Facebook presence is as effective as possible.


Reach huge audiences and build a brand that stands out from the crowd with Instagram marketing


Let us unlock growth on Snapchat by unifying creative, media, and data in one platform.


Put your budget in the right places. Reach your business goals by showing your ads. Reach new users and grow your business with our TikTok management.


Get your business seen by the customers who matter most with our YouTube management service.


Our Pinterest management service can help your business build brand awareness and grow your following to create a strong reputation and drive sales.


Establish yourself as a thought leader and communicate with your target audience.


Build valuable relationships with professionals, executives and B2B decision-makers to help your local business grow.

Social Media & Local

Social media platforms are becoming more localised by the day. From connecting with your customers, and targeting specific locations, to engaging with users who are using the platform’s specific location tagging and tag search. 

Providing an up-to-date profile and sharing media content regularly with your profiles is an essential requirement to grow and retain customers.


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Questions & Answers

Our social media marketing solutions are holistic — we will create your profiles, content, and media and analyse how to best showcase your business across all platforms

We work with your team, or we can bring a photographer once a month to take footage we will edit and use. There is no one rule. We can provide multiple options for a consistent social media presence depending on the industry, your products and services, and your goals. 

Our monthly social media marketing service price will vary. If you need a professional social media marketing service, we recommend you visit our pricing page and contact us with your request; we will then provide a detailed brief on the best options and costs.

Our Local Powered Services

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