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Customers want to do business with you, but they have to find you first.  BigDreams provides all marketing services related to increasing your online search presence – anywhere a potential customer is searching for your product, service or brand, we make sure you are as present and prominent as possible.



Search engines are trying to find your business

With over 91% of the population in Europe and the US using search engines on a daily basis – it is essential to be present when someone searches for a a product or a service. As mobile usage has grown, today’s searches have turned local – meaning results on search engines will vary depending on your location and search intent. 

BigDreams helps companies leverage the power of local in order to be visible the best way at the right time for the most relevant searches. Our expertise includes Google and Bing search engine but also all digital maps, online directories, and social media – every platform people will use to search for your business.

Why use Search Engine Marketing?

Online Presence

Have your business appear more frequently and more prominently in relevant local searches.

Target Customers

Show up in the right searches by the right people to reach your target market.

Drive Traffic and Grow Sales

Online maps and directories are optimised to increase traffic and sales.

Geographic Searches

Boost your rankings in geographic searches to get noticed by the customers nearest to you.

Customer Loyalty

Increased loyalty and retention are key to a healthy business.

Build Trust and Authority

Performing well in searches helps your business build trust, relationships, and authority.

sub services

Here is how we can help you.

Local SEO & Maps

Increase traffic, leads, and brand awareness by being present locally across Google and Microsoft search and all online maps such as Google Maps.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO enhancements across your website, social channels, and local maps/directories increase organic search results.

Google Business Profile

We help you build, optimise, and manage your Google My Business Profile, which provides a wealth of valuable information to your customers.

Digital PR

We manage and increase the visibility and reputation of your company by using digital publishers, local news, influencers, and bloggers.

Paid Search

Geo-focused paid campaigns across search and social platforms make your company stand out.

Online Directories

We update and manage your online information to be successful across popular directories.​

Local Marketing the BigDreams way.

The more reach you have, the more you’ll be found, and the more your business will grow. 

Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. Due to the sheer volume of websites and other digital marketing that search engines have to process, you need a comprehensive and personalised search strategy.

Local search marketing is all about using your online presence to get your business noticed locally. We assign each of our clients a dedicated marketing specialist who will work with you to create a search strategy to help you reach the top of search engine rankings.

Let us help you with that. 

Modern Approach

We use all the latest tools and techniques to create organic visibility for your business.

Dedicated Specialist

Your dedicated marketing specialist will get to know your business inside-out to customise to your needs.

Tailored Solutions

Highly-focused, personalised strategies for engaging your target audience and getting noticed by the people who matter most.

Expert Support

Our team will provide expert advice and transparent strategies at every stage.


Questions & Answers

Specific products and services will perform very well in some markets and not at all in others. With a global campaign, the end user’s location is of little importance – you simply want to reach as many people as possible. A localized campaign is more finely targeted, so you need to decide where to target.

A good rule of thumb is to budget 12-20 per cent of annual revenue in local marketing. On the other hand, businesses that already have an established community presence can spend a little less, about 6-12 per cent of annual revenue. But this will vary on many factors and requirements. Read our pricing page and contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Essentially, local search marketing utilizes search engine efforts within a targeted location surrounding the business. While larger firms and corporations may use local marketing, it’s also beneficial for small service-based businesses to take advantage of this strategy. That way, companies can benefit from the specific advantages of connecting with the surrounding neighbourhood.

We provide all different solutions, including more global marketing strategies, as long as they fit the benefits of a company which requires a local presence. With time and experience, we have seen how local marketing substantially impacts markets more than global. So the short answer is yes, we do, but let us show you what local marketing can do before looking further.


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