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What we do

Paid advertising for next-level results

Paid advertising involves creating tailored advertising campaigns to engage your target markets, boost traffic to your website, and increase sales.

Through fully personalised digital advertising campaigns on a variety of platforms, our local-focused paid advertising solutions can put your local business on the map.

Geo-fenced Ads

Be found where customers search for you.

Multi-channel Experience

Drive visitors to your website and stores through strategic paid advertising.

Affordable & Measurable

Utilise key paid advertising opportunities that are measured for performance and ROI.

Increase Retention & Performance

Nurture your existing customers through paid advertising that speaks to them directly.

Specific & Granular Targeting

Generate brand awareness, increase loyalty, and boost sales.

Intel & Audience Learning

Data tells us your audience's story so that we can make certain we are reaching them through the most effective paid advertising methods.

Localised & Geo-fenced Advertising

Full-Range of Advertisement Solutions

Strong Return On Investment

roi advertising local
roi advertising local

Full-set of advertising solutions built to boost your local presence.

Search Ads

Google and Microsoft Ads lets advertisers have their ads displayed in searches relating to specific keywords, allowing highly targeted advertising aimed at customers who are actively searching for businesses like yours.

Local Services Ads

Google’s Local Services Ads help to highlight your local business to users when they search for companies or services like yours. LSAs allow users to contact you directly from the advertisement, generating strong leads and helping you to increase sales.

Social Media Advertising

Social media offers unique opportunities to market your local business by driving engagement with your target audiences. Sponsored posts, eye-catching graphics and social engagement help to build brand awareness, attract new customers and build brand loyalty.


Remarketing (or retargeting) is a strategy that involves targeting ads towards users who have already engaged with your business by visiting your website or viewing your profile. The aim is to encourage users to return to your site and buy your products/services, converting more of your leads into sales.

Display Advertising

The Google and Microsoft Display Networks offer even greater reach, with a network of 2 million sites, videos and apps where your ads can be featured.

Native Advertising

Native ads look and feel less like an ad and more like the media the ads are served on. This makes for a friendlier, but still highly effective form of advertising.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting people to your business and creating enough interest in your products or services to turn them into potential customers. It’s the natural next step to creating an audience: converting that audience into customers and sales.

Video Advertising

These are short and informative videos that promotes a product and occurs before, during, or after the main video. It helps tell the story, improve sales volume, create buzz, convey information in a short and interesting manner, and reach a wide audience.


We master a wide selection of advertising platforms

Location Based Digital Marketing Platform

We create, deploy, and manage local marketing programs for each of your local markets as if it was your only market. 

We use a multi-channel approach incorporating social media, search ads,  display network and native advertising for the best results as well as intelligent remarketing campaigns to increase lead generation from site visitors and sophisticated reporting, analysis and management tools to keep you fully informed.


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Questions & Answers

It works for every type of company that wants to build a strong presence across social media, search engines and websites – we use our geo-focused strategy to ensure highly targeted campaigns adapted to your company and targets.

This will depend on the size of your campaign – we always prepare a very clear analysis and reporting system to ensure that we can see every step of the campaign from launch to monthly management.

Our goal is to reach break-even rapidly and scale the campaigns up. With our reports ad analytics, you will see every step of the process and costs.

Pricing-wise, you will manage the campaign budgets based on a monthly cap per platform plus our agency fees which can be seen here.

The advertising space is becoming highly populated, and ad competition raises the costs of visibility. Therefore, an agency such as BigDreams will help 1) focus on local presence to overcome the global competition 2) control the costs and ensure full-time and ongoing optimization.

Though it is relatively simple to open and boost a campaign across social media or a search campaign, our solution provides a lot of research, tracking and ongoing optimization, which requires dedicated time and expertise. 

Absolutely, we can help create your landing pages, videos, display banners, and everything that helps you provide excellent, engaging, and personalized content across the entire client and customer cycle.

Local marketing has the most decisive impact — why target all locations in the same way when you can provide a highly personalized, precise and targeted campaign in one location? Once the engagement and ROI works, we can replicate the efforts in other parts without jeopardizing results and budget.


We're an all-in-one digital agency, built for your local growth.

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