Heatmap Tracking 

Detailed heatmap insights – discover how customers see your website and content.

Understand user behaviour through detailed heatmaps showing where they’re looking, scrolling, and clicking.


How do Heatmaps Work

Heatmaps are a visual representation of how users interact with your website and content, with “hot” areas indicating the areas that your customers focus on the most.

Heatmaps can be used to analyse user behaviour and optimize your website and content accordingly, moving the most important aspects to areas of high focus.

Valuable Insights

Find out exactly where your customers’ eyes are drawn when they visit your site, enabling you to optimize content accordingly.

Variety Of Tools

Eye tracking, click tracking, scrolling heatmaps and more, offering you a wide range of insights to inform powerful optimizations.

Integrated Analytics

Integrated solutions that work with your analytics tools and programmes to deliver sophisticated, actionable insights.

Enhanced CTAs

Know exactly how to position your CTAs to gain maximum attention and clicks from your site visitors.

Understand how your audience engages with your content

Heatmaps are a valuable method of assessing consumer behaviour. Highlighting high-focus areas enables you to modify your pages for maximum impact.

Page Optimisation

Identify attention “dead zones” and use your page space more effectively.

Product & Service Positioning

Assess how product positioning affects CTRs and sales at a glance.

Reposition CTAs

Reposition CTAs to draw users’ attention to them, increasing clicks and conversion rates.

Powerful Heatmapping Solutions
to Engage with Local Audiences

Our heatmap solutions can help you identify the ways your customers interact with your website and online content, allowing you to guide their focus to the most important details.

Alongside integrated analytics and expert web design, heatmaps can help you to build a more focused, effective online presence.

Eye & Engagement Tracking Heatmaps

  • Identify the sections of your pages where your users’ eyes are drawn to and where their focus lingers most, presented in an easy-to-understand heatmap.
  • On-page, in-app and visual ad heatmaps to ensure all aspects of your marketing are as eye-catching and attention-grabbing as possible

Click Tracking Heatmaps

  • Highlight where your customers click, where they don’t, and how you can capitalise on these habits
  • Modify and rearrange layouts to place key CTAs in clicking hotspots
  • Integrated analytics to deliver even more valuable insights from your click-tracking heatmaps.

Scrolling Heatmaps

  • Analyse how your customers scroll on your website and online content – how far they read, how long they spend on each section, and more.
  • Use heatmap insights to prioritise key content and information, moving the information customers gravitate towards above the fold to enhance engagement

Layout & CTA Optimization

  • Professional web design and content creation guided by heatmapping insights to create the most effective online presence possible
  • Modify layouts, formatting and CTA placement to optimize your web pages and content for maximised conversion rates.
  • Ongoing monitoring and A/B testing to find the most effective layouts for your website.

Solutions to provide 100% Local SEO Optimization

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