Business Intelligence & Reporting

Transform your data into valuable insights for your business.

Integrate BI into your business to drive growth with intelligent solutions


How your Business can benefit

from Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is the process of turning raw data into useful information that can guide decision-making in your business.

BI can help to identify trends, inform solutions and drive growth by providing insights into how your business is performing on a variety of metrics such as sales, audience behaviour and operating efficiency.

Tailored Setups

Personalised BI solutions created specifically with your local business in mind, customised to your needs, goals and resources.

Transparent Reporting

Crystal-clear insights to provide your local business with the information it needs to drive growth

Range of Solutions

Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI implementation in a variety of configurations to meet your needs

Dedicated Specialists

Ongoing expert advice from our dedicated marketing specialists to help you get the most from your BI.

Build Value for your Business

Business Intelligence delivers value to your business by informing and driving growth, turning data into valuable insights.

Improve Sales

Analyse your sales funnel to identify weak points and improve conversion rates.

User Behaviour

Track how web users interact with your business to improve lead generation

Marketing Insights

Identify successful marketing strategies and analyse how to improve weaker solutions.

BI and Reporting for Local Strategy

  • Tailored solutions with a local focus to ensure your business gets the data it needs to drive growth
  • Transparent, automated reports giving you easy access to key information with complete clarity
  • Efficient organised data storage and management so that you always have access to the information you need

Google Data Studio Setup

  • Setups, tutorials and strategies for Google Data Studio tailored to local businesses and multi-location brands
  • Simple, easy to use dashboard for effective data tracking and analysis
  • Fully customisable to adapt to your business’ changing needs and drive continuous growth

Microsoft Power BI Setup

  • Range of software services, apps, and connectors integrated into a powerful BI and analysis tool
  • Power BI setups designed with your business in customised for local marketing and scalable for multi-location brands
  • Transparent automated reporting to help you understand your business and plan for its future

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