Marketing Analytics & Reporting

Data Analytics & Reporting to inform and optimise your entire marketing funnel.

Build the most effective strategies possible with powerful insights and analytics


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Data Analytics & Reporting?

Analytics are vital for implementing a strong marketing strategy for your local business. By analysing and reporting data, you can figure out which strategies are working and which aren’t prioritising campaigns with the best return on investment and refining and improving your marketing strategy to be it’s most effective.

Analyse Performance

Find out what elements of your marketing strategy and which aren’t to build the optimal solution.

Deepen Understanding

Find out what drives your business, who your audience is, and how best to market to them

Tailored Solutions

Adapt and improve your marketing solutions by identifying the most effective strategies.

Transparent Reporting

We’ll help you make sense of the data with clear, detailed reporting, insights and advice

Data-Driven Insights accelerates your business growth and remove the guess work

Analytics are vital to understanding how your business works – and how well it’s working. Analytics insights can inform a process of continuous refinement and improvement to grow your business.

Understand Your Business

Analyse key performance indicators to understand how your business operates

Define Targets

Analysis helps to set realistic goals and targets for your business to aim for

Improve Efficiency

Find out what does and doesn’t work to focus resources on the most effective aspects of your business.

Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Analyse Adwords, remarketing and Google Display Network effectiveness with integrated data analytics and reporting
  • Understand which campaigns deliver the best results for your business to get the best value for money
  • Measure key performance indicators to refine marketing strategies and grow your local business

Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Get powerful insights for your business with Business Intelligence reporting 
  • Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI implementation to provide effective analysis and detailed reporting
  • Clear and transparent reporting to help you learn from your business and improve your strategies

Heatmaps & Website Engagement

Get insights faster to improve your website design and lead your visitors to conversion. See where your users click, how far they scroll, what gets their attention and more.

Google My Business Reporting

  • Build and improve your Google My Business profile with expert guidance and sophisticated data analysis
  • Find out how your audience interacts with your business and tailor your marketing solutions in response
  • Combine with Adwords analysis and Google Display Network for an effective, integrated experience

Online Review Reporting

  • Automated notifications whenever your business receives a review, with reports spanning all major directories
  • Mass review analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses that customers see in your business and act on feedback
  • Analyse trends in consumer feedback to gain a deeper understanding of how your business works

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