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Automation and CRM Installation

Save time and effort by Automating your Marketing & Manage your Customer Relationship

Automate marketing processes and let us handle customer relationship management to streamline your marketing strategy


Why Marketing Automation

& CRM is important?

Digital marketing can be a complex, time-consuming process – so it makes sense to streamline it.

We provide marketing automation solutions that make marketing easier and more efficient across multiple channels, and our customer relationship management services create effective CRM strategies that create maximum value with minimal effort.

Efficient Automation

Increase operating efficiency by automating your marketing with the latest tools and technology

Tracking & Reporting/span>

Sophisticated tracking and detailed regular reports so you can be sure your automated solutions deliver the results you want

ACRM Strategies

Bespoke CRM strategies personalised for your local business to match your needs, goals and resources.

Analysis & Insight

Data-driven analysis to deliver powerful insights and further improve automation, CRM strategies and lead generation.

More Leads, Better Communication & Clear Sales Funnel Stages

Generate leads and guide them to conversion more efficiently to deliver maximum ROI, all using streamlined, automated strategies to save you time and effort.

Streamline Operations

Reduce time and effort put into marketing to focus on other aspects of your business

Increase Leads

More efficient marketing processes means more efficient lead generation, attracting more customers to your business

Simplify Tracking

Integrated, streamlined solutions provide all the essential data and insights you need in one place

Marketing Automation For Local Presence

  • Streamline marketing processes and workflows using the latest automation tools and technology
  • Tailored solutions built specifically for your local business taking into account your needs, goals and vision
  • Improved user experience to increase service satisfaction and drive conversions

CRM for Local Businesses

  • CRM strategy and setup handled professionally and efficiently, helping to maximise lead flow as quickly as possible
  • Every step of the customer journey is mapped out with CRM solutions tailored to each stage of the process, delivering increased user satisfaction and conversion rates
  • Ongoing analysis and performance review to continually refine CRM processes in order to deliver maximum value

Diverse Solutions & Integrations

  • Range of automation platforms, tools and techniques to suit the specific needs of your local business or multi-location brand
  • Comprehensive service offering audience identification and segmentation, CRM strategisation, software implementation, consultations and training, ongoing analysis and more
  • Adaptable, fully customised solutions built from the ground up for your business

Targeted & Effective Solutions

  • Driven by data analysis to identify key audiences and tailor processes and strategies to differing expectations for maximum impact
  • Ongoing lead management with targeted communications to guide leads to conversions
  • Effective and efficient strategies to deliver unbeatable value and ROI to your business
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