SMS & Email Engagement

Connect with customers using SMS and email messaging.

Engage directly with your customers with tailored email and SMS communications.

Email and SMS messages are a quick, convenient way for you to engage with customers, with high open rates and easy responses.


Tailored Communications

Use customer and audience data to personalise messages to your customers and their unique needs.

SMS & Email Marketing

Use SMS and email to quickly circulate marketing campaigns and promotions to large audiences.

Automated Notifications

Use automated systems to send booking reminders, delivery updates and more to your customers, making communications quick and easy.

Surveys & Service

Easily send customer surveys and respond to customer enquiries via email or SMS chat.

How Does SMS & Email

Engagement Work?

 Email and SMS enable you to quickly and easily communicate with customers for a variety of purposes – marketing and promotions, delivery or appointment reminders, customer service enquiries, and more can all be handled over SMS or email.

Using these tools correctly can enhance your customer experience, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

Personalised messaging

Deliver personalised messaging to specific user groups and collect customer data from surveys.

Enhance customer service

Enhance customer service by enabling quick, efficient communication with customers.

Easy automation

Easy automation for marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, and more.

Email Engagement Solutions
For Local Marketing

  • Send newsletters, promotions, content recommendations, and more to relevant user groups
  • Provide fast, efficient customer service and collect customer feedback via surveys and feedback forms
  • Quickly and easily provide customers with important information such as receipts, confirmations and reminders

Engage With Customers On The Go
With SMS Marketing

  • Deliver reminders, alerts, notifications and more via automated SMS integrations
  • Capitalise on high SMS open rates with personalised SMS marketing based on customer data
  • Reach customers on the go via SMS engagement, ensuring your business is only ever a message away from your customers

Integrated SMS & Email Engagement
Solutions From Big Dreams

Our integrated SMS and email strategies allow your business to make full use of your communication channels, setting up intelligent, integrated systems for automated communication with your customers.

Our data-driven solutions determine the best medium for specific communications and allow you to deliver personalised, effective communications directly to your customers.

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