Customer Surveys

Engage with customers and gain valuable feedback.

Survey your customers to boost satisfaction and guide improvements to your service.

Surveys allow your business to directly engage with customers, getting feedback on key aspects of your business or gathering specific user data.


Tailored User Surveys

Customer surveys personalised to specific users and groups to aid customer retention and gain hyper-specific feedback.

Website Integration

Embed surveys on your website to guide customers to the services they want most and improve conversion rates.

Email Automation

Automatically send or schedule surveys when customers make purchases or take other actions, with embedded surveys increasing response rate.

Fully Customisable

Get exactly the data you want with fully customisable survey templates and a wide range of integrations.

How Do Customer Surveys Work?

 Customer surveys are a valuable tool for any business, as they allow you to engage with customers directly to gain feedback on your products, services and customer experience.

As well as enabling your business to make informed improvements to its offerings, surveys boost customer retention by ensuring your audience feels heard and valued.

Gather valuable feedback

Gather valuable feedback to improve your products, services and customer experience

Collect user data

Collect user data to inform future marketing campaigns tailored to specific user groups

Increase customer retention

Increase customer retention by making customers feel valued, and quickly highlight issues to limit impact

Customer Surveys Tailored
To Your Business

  • Wide range of customer survey solutions fully customisable to your specific needs
  • Website and email embedding, CRM integrations and more, building a comprehensive, cohesive marketing strategy
  • Ready-made templates for quick implementation or fully customised surveys built to your exact requirements.

Boost Customer
Satisfaction & Retention

Quickly gather the information your business needs to assess your products, services and customer experience, highlighting issues before they impact your reputation or sales.

Our customer survey integrations allow you to connect with customers directly, making them feel valued and heard to enhance customer satisfaction and keep them coming back to your business.

Fast, Effective & Automated Data Collection

  • Set automatic triggers for survey scheduling and sending, quickly and easily gathering consumer data to inform your marketing activities
  • CRM system integration cutting out manual data retrieval to save you time and effort
  • Tailor future marketing campaigns to specific users and groups using survey results

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