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Overview Bakery Industry

The bakery industry’s market size is currently estimated at USD 203.8 billion and projected to grow by 3.2% in the next 3 years. Consumer interest trends for bakeries have been growing month on month; what’s more, recent research from Statista estimates that consumers return to a local bakery an average of 15 times or more each year.

Questions To Ask Yourself In Order To Expand Your Bakery Business Online
How can you make sure that your bakery is the first choice for local consumers?
How can you maintain loyalty and grow your bakery business?
How can your bakery be more visible than your local competitors?
Are you using customer reviews and local/online directories effectively?
Do you have a social media strategy that boosts your local visibility?

Local Online Marketing Strategy For Bakeries

Defining and setting up an ongoing local online marketing strategy could be a major contributor to scaling your bakery business and securing a strong market share of local demand.

This guide will share the top online marketing strategies for bakery businesses in order to maximize your presence and ensure that you maintain high customer satisfaction by delighting customers both new and old.
What Is Digital Marketing For Bakeries?
So what do we mean by marketing your bakery business online?

There are many digital channels online such as search engines, social media, local directories, publisher websites, and local news. The majority of people interact across these channels on a daily basis, and all of these channels offer different solutions from organic traffic to advertising.

This wide variety of channels and solutions allows you to communicate to a targeted audience through different targeting options and strategies, enabling a huge opportunity to get your business noticed by consumers who are looking for local bakeries.

Marketing your bakery business online is not limited to simply being found, but also to ensure that you convey the right image and share a positive impression of your brand.

This helps to create interest in your business to appeal to new and existing customers and improve sales. These customers can then share positive feedback and reviews which will, in turn, attract even more customers.

So now let’s break down the different channels and techniques you can utilize to market your bakery online and how to manage these strategies effectively.

10 Main Channels To Market Your Bakery:

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) For Bakeries
What do we mean by local SEO for Bakeries?
Local SEO is the technique of using search engines such as Google to make your business visible for local keywords and location-based searches. For example, here is a list of popular keywords people search for related to bakery search terms.
Popular general SEO Keywords for Bakeries

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