Our Pricing

A Clear Pricing Structure

We Believe in 100% Transparency, Clarity & Honesty.


Every Client is Unique

All of our customers are unique, and we want to ensure a unique and tailored experience not only on the completion of the work but also in how we build the pricing of the scope.

Because we consider that you deserve a customized and adapted relationship based on the project you engage with us, we offer you an agile pricing model that will help you to
find the best option.


Our 4 Different Pricing Models

Hourly Pricing -  120€ 

This is the most flexible way of working for short and irregular collaborations. This method is usually used for short term relations which do not consist in a project or which are difficult to scope.

Here are some examples:

  • Debugging your website or your SEM Campaigns
  •  General support (e.g. you call us once you need help with something)
  • One shot SEO or SEM service

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Monthly Retainer

An easy-to-forecast way to run a long-term collaboration (6 months minimum). We recommend this pricing method in order to build a long-term collaboration with our clients. This is also a recommended method in order to control and forecast your budgets.

Here are some examples:

  • SEO & Local SEO Services
  •  Management of your social media channels
  • SEM & Advertising services

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Model Pricing

New businesses can not always afford to set up a new website and have their marketing campaigns managed for over 6 months.

This is why we offer clients our marketing models such as the Dreamer Growth model. We set up everything from your website, photography, integrations and manage all your marketing channels at a fixed monthly price during a 6 to 12 month contract.

This ensures that you don't spend over budget before succeeding and it gives the time required to succeed.

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Project Based Pricing

A simple and transparent way to collaborate during the realization of your projects. We usually use this method when the work consists of a project that our team is easily able to scope in terms of resources to be spent.

Here are some examples:

  • Creation of a new website or social media channel
  •  Setup of a hyper-local marketing strategy
  • Training & Consultations

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Discounted Retainers

For our per-hour pricing we also offer discounted retainers. This allows you to pre-agree to a number of support hours and benefit from a discount on the original pricing.  We provide all insights and recommendations prior to starting any contract.

For those going with Project Based or a Monthly Retainer models, we apply an automated discount to our rate. The price is calculated with an automated 20% discount on our base hourly rates 120€ 


A Clear Pricing Structure for everyone.

How it works

Three key points of our pricing structure.

As an agency whose core focus is to help businesses grow through local marketing, we have had the opportunity to work with 100s of different-sized companies. The key challenge we have realised is how to run an agency which can be accessible for every type of business. 

This is how we have come up with the three key points of our pricing structure. 


We provide different pricing models depending on your needs


We pride ourselves on being a 100% transparent company - we keep you in the loop every step of the way

Focused on ROI

We will always ensure that there is clear return on investment on our projects.


Questions & Answers

For each project and collaboration you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will closely follow-up with you on the delivery of the work to be done, as well as budget. 

We usually invoice you directly for our manpower or any work that is issued from our team. However for Google and social media campaigns we usually set up your account using your payment details and request an admin access to manage it. It is easier for you to track and follow and it eases the invoicing process. 

Each project contains a hypercard phase, during which our team remains accountable for any issue that might occur. This period of hypercard is defined based on the size and complexity of the project. 

The goal of a retainer is to help you save money by buying a certain number of hours in advance. It has two main benefits: First, it reduces the amount of administrative tasks (no need to issue a purchase order every day or week). Secondly, it helps you to benefit from discounts up to 20%. Please note that hours purchased in the retainer model should be paid upfront to benefit from a discount. 

We do not provide closed contracts per se. This will depend on the requirements of a client. For example, if the user is looking for ongoing services, we require a one-month notice to terminate the contract; if we provide a discount on a retainer, we can offer better fees if it comes with a time contract. Our goal is to ensure our clients are comfortable with our pricing offer; we will always work to ensure transparency and never block our customers with something they don’t want or that looses money.

One of the critical acts we do when we start our collaboration is to set up all the Business Intelligence and reports to ensure we track all performance of our channels, spending, return, costs, and actual conversion and lead value.

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