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Build the power of your business through Community Marketing.

Connect your brand with an engaging, shared community through meaningful dialogue and exchange of value

Community marketing

Enhance Customer Connections with BigDreams.

At BigDreams, we are experts in fostering strong relationships between your business and its customers. Our innovative solutions allow you to understand your customers’ needs and preferences, leading to more impactful engagement through both offline events and online channels.

  • Customer Insights & Understanding
  • Hybrid Marketing Solutions
  • Offline Event Planning & Promotion
  • Online Channel Optimization & Promotion
  • Seamless Customer Journey across all Touchpoints
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What They’re Saying

Working with BigDreams has been a game changer for our community outreach efforts. Since partnering with their team, our attendance at local events has skyrocketed and we've seen a significant increase in engagement from community members.

Amanda D. Director of Community Outreach, ABC Nonprofit

As the manager of a community center, it's important for us to stay connected with the residents in our area. BigDreams has helped us do just that, by providing us with a comprehensive community marketing plan that includes both online and offline elements. The result? A 25% increase in participation in our events and programs.

Sarah T. Community Center Manager, XYZ Neighborhood Association

By focusing on community values and crafting their communication, the BigDreams team helped build a strong relationship across our town. Through this endeavor we have established an exceptional company direction that has significantly enriched its value and purpose for everyone involved

Michel K.Store owner

70% of community members say that communities have made an impact on brand loyalty.


Get Started with Community Marketing

Unleash the power of community marketing with BigDreams – Connect with your target market, build strong relationships and drive business success. Our expert strategy will help you establish an identity, reach out through social media, create loyalty programs, and foster conversations with your clients.

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Identify your objectives and goals

Crafting an effective community marketing strategy starts with nailing down your goals.

 Generate high-quality organic leads

High-quality leads are the lifeblood of any brand, be it established or emerging – this is a prerequisite to success and growth within the industry.

Build a brand with values

Develop compelling reasons for customers to believe in your brand and its values. Invest time into crafting rationales that illustrate why choosing you is their best option.

Build word-of-mouth advocacy

Spread the word and increase your reach by harnessing the power of customer-generated advocacy.


Building relationships
within your audiences.

Community marketers typically use several different types of outreach to build relationships with their target audiences. These steps can include:

Trust Generation

Build long-lasting trust with customers by leveraging strategies that demonstrate reliability and strengthen connections.

Local Market Research

Identify your target audience and tailor content to their interests for successful engagement with the community.

User-generated content

Unlock the potential of user-generated content with comprehensive services that create fresh, engaging experiences that inspire and captivate your audience.

Outreach Engagement

Connect with the local community and build relationships with your target audience to achieve a successful outreach strategy.

Social media conversations

Stay informed of digital conversations and actively engage with customers on social media to build relationships and maximize business potential.

Audience Communication

Share your content on social media and introduce customers to your offerings to reach a larger audience with less effort.

QR Code & NFCs Marketing

Transfer information to your users with QR codes and NFCs, facilitating interaction and engagement via mobile phone.

Sponsorship support

Strengthen relationships for successful growth by sponsoring local businesses and creating a vibrant connection with community members.

Event Strategies

Create remarkable experiences for your audience with customized events tailored to their interests, from webinars to giveaways, our team is ready to bring people together.

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Creating an effective community marketing strategy

Building trust with your customers through community marketing is key to differentiating your business from the competition and attracting potential buyers. With personalized approaches tailored to your specific industry, our team at BigDreams can help you establish strong relationships and drive business success.


Community Marketing empowers Local Businesses

Improve Local Business Relationships and Increase Sales with Community Marketing.

Maximize the potential of your local business with our community marketing services. By utilizing networks, creating loyalty programs, and engaging in targeted advertising campaigns, we empower you to cultivate stronger relationships with your customers and increase sales for a lasting impact.

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Questions & Answers

What does community management mean?

Community management centres around creating a sense of belonging and connection among people who share common values.

It involves engaging with members, responding to their needs, and keeping them up-to-date on the latest news to build strong relationships within the community.

What industries can benefit from Community Marketing?

Community Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to engage their audiences in a practical, meaningful way. Its ability to assess consumer behaviour and create customized campaigns tailored specifically towards different industries makes it the perfect solution for companies seeking new strategies to maximize customer satisfaction. Whether you’re part of retail, healthcare or hospitality – Community Marketing has solutions suited ideally to your industry needs!

Why is Community Marketing important for local businesses?

Local businesses can reap tremendous rewards by leveraging the power of community marketing. By connecting with local customers, they gain valuable feedback and increase brand loyalty to expand their reach farther than ever before.

How much does community marketing cost?

Community marketing is a cost-effective approach for reaching and engaging your target audience. While there are no direct costs associated, other initiatives may be required to meet the goals of any campaign, making it an ongoing strategy that requires time and continual work.

To explore this further, check out our pricing page, where you’ll find various ways to commit long term via monthly retainers.


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