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Brick & Mortar

If you want your local company to benefit from the success of in-store, online and hybrid interactions, it’s time for Brick and Mortar Marketing.

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Harness the potential of physical retail to drive growth for your business

For local businesses looking to make an impact, brick-and-mortar marketing services can provide the edge needed for success. Tap into a variety of strategies such as email campaigns, online presence optimization and visibility through in-store displays – all designed to turn your business’s potential customers into loyal patrons.

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Brick-and-mortar sales account for 94% of the total retail sales.


Foster meaningful connections with potential customers

Maximize your in-store success with our comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Our focus is on driving increased foot traffic and enhancing in-store engagement through targeted digital campaigns informed by thorough area research and tailored to meet your unique store needs.

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Step 1

Define your goals

Our approach is goal-oriented, ensuring that your success is at the forefront of every strategy we develop

Step 2

Identify your target market

Sharpening your target audience is key to capturing their attention. We dive into understanding their demographics and needs to deliver personalized messages.

Step 3

Develop a marketing mix

Maximize impact with a strategic mix of online and offline marketing tactics including in-store banners, advertising, PR, community research, promotions, and social media outreach

Step 4

Evaluate and adjust

Stay ahead with our comprehensive reports and analytics from both digital and offline sources. Our software integrations and expert support help set you up for success.


Revitalise Your In-Store Experience

Our comprehensive Brick & Mortar Marketing Solutions provide a seamless integration of offline and online solutions to create the most efficient marketing strategies.

Proximity targeting

Utilise geo-fencing to reach customers near specific retail locations.

Loyalty Campaigns

Keep regular shoppers engaged with incentives and rewards.

Relationship Marketing

Build trust and customer relationships through content and engagement.

Social Media Marketing

Reach customers with location-based promotions on social media.

Weather Marketing

Use weather and location data to show relevant ads to customers in real-time.

In-Store Event Promotion

Excite customers with in-store events related to your products and services.

Store Engagement

Create a unique in-store environment for a better shopping experience.


Serve targeted offers to customers while they are near your competitors.

Growth Engine

Combine traditional brick-and-mortar with digital outreach for a powerful engine for future growth.

Hybrid Marketing Physical Marketing

Adapting to Hybrid Shopping Behaviour

Customers are adopting new, “hybrid” methods of shopping that blend physical and digital platforms to find their desired products. With multiple touchpoints, such as mobile devices, social media, and store previews, customers have more options and control in today’s complex buying journey.

  • Integration of physical and digital platforms to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience
  • The utilisation of mobile devices and social media sources to reach customers where they are actively engaging
  • Strategic store preview campaigns to give customers a taste of what to expect before visiting in person.
What They’re Saying

“The BigDreams team took the reins and leveraged a combination of digital and physical resources, resulting in an impressive increase in brick-and-mortar customers.”

Marie L.Les Délices de Bois-le-Roi

As a small business owner, I was skeptical about investing in a brick and mortar strategy. But after working with your team, I have seen a significant increase in foot traffic and sales.

Sarah W.Owner of My5$Store

Smart Shopping Experience

We help retailers optimize their shopping experience for customers by maximizing their “Return on Time”. This involves streamlining processes and offerings to make shopping fast, easy, and convenient. We achieve this through the following methods:

  • Providing delivery services solutions
  • Setting up subscription plans
  • Implementing speedy checkout systems
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Brick-and-mortar marketing stays a major asset for retail stores

As the market continues to evolve and in-store foot traffic remains a key component, locally based businesses with physical stores should leverage brick-and-mortar marketing. Our team of experts can work alongside you to develop an effective strategy utilizing cutting edge solutions for success that will help your business thrive.

Digital Models

Questions & Answers

How much does a Brick-and- Mortar Marketing campaign cost?

At BigDreams, we understand the importance of successful Brick-and-Mortar Marketing campaigns and how they can benefit local businesses. We provide customized pricing models to match any budget size, incorporating factors such as location, competition and product interest. With our services, you’re sure to drive your marketing strategy forward easily!

What is Brick-and-Mortar Marketing?

Brick-and-mortar marketing refers to the traditional, physical forms of promotion and advertisement to draw customers into a business. It’s an age-old practice that continues to be effective in today’s market as retailers look for new ways to generate interest in their products or services.

How do you measure Brick-and-Mortar performance?

Collecting and reviewing marketing ROI data is taxingly complex for brick-and-mortar firms, but the reward of knowledge outweighs the effort. Such insight can be invaluable in optimizing campaigns, informing where to allocate marketing best spend – not just this time around but going forward – so that resources are used efficiently.

With a sensible selection of KPIs and metrics tailored (as needed) to individual circumstances, offline marketers can achieve an accurate understanding as necessary with relative ease despite it being more complex than their online counterparts.


We’re an all-in-one digital agency built for your local growth.

Explore our marketing services toolkit designed to help your company grow sustainably and outperform competitors with the power of local marketing.

Ready to drive local marketing succes?

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