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Valessio’s impressive journey from operating a single salon to being voted one of the best hair salons in Paris in both 2020 and 2021 is a great achievement. The brand is now a favourite with new clients and has begun to greatly increase its retention rate.

But this wasn’t always the case. What Valessio wanted to achieve five years ago was to expand and grow their services. The Valessio brand has since established a total of seven hair salons – five in Paris, one in Nice and one in Cannes. With the support of the Teech team, Valessio has used our Local Marketing Model to create success at a local level and rapidly expand to new locations.

Here is how they achieved this with the support of the Teech team.


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The Challenge - extending and increasing sales volume

The Valessio brand’s challenge lay in their growth and utilisation rates – they wanted to draw in new clients and fill their salon, but the problem was that they were unsure of how to attract the right people. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 put another substantial obstacle in their path.


Our strategy involved implementing our Local Marketing Model, creating a focus on the local market to get more clients through Valessio’s doors at a local level. Once we’d established and tested a successful strategy, we would then expand the local marketing model to other locations in Paris.

The local-focused solutions we put into action included launching social media platforms, initiating an online and offline strategy, and enhancing engagement rates to enhance client acquisition and retention.


We initiated our strategy in District 9 in Paris. We implemented various content strategies to engage the target market with personalised messaging, including:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • SEO and
  • Content strategies

As we had started with one local district, we already understood the demographic and target market. This enabled us to optimise the content and brand, creating solutions targeted specifically at these audiences.

Once we had analysed data that corresponded to multiple customer touchpoints, we put together a methodical model to initiate an advertising campaign with a wider market. We then replicated and adapted these strategies across new locations, helping the team launch new salons in Paris, Nice and Cannes. Their brand now consistently achieves a utilisation rate of more than 95% in each of their salons.

As part of our work with Valessio, we initiated an omnichannel approach. In terms of digital strategies, this meant focusing on acquisition and retention strategies to gain new customers and engage existing ones.

Some of these strategies included:

A magazine launch
The distribution of newsletters, regularly
The provision of social media management training to the Valessio team
The generation of multiple customer reviews from satisfied customers, and
The launch of their e-commerce shop


Our journey with Valessio has led them to become one of the fastest-growing salons in Paris. They have achieved rapid expansion and opened six new salons in just 24 months. With the brand being backed by a sophisticated omnichannel marketing strategy backed up with proven results, Valessio is now in a good position to dominate the hair salon industry in the capital of France.

The brand has seen an increase in sales of 150% and an increase of 1700% in web traffic over three years. Teech’s Local Marketing Model has paid impressive dividends, with a 250% increase in revenue.






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