Parsley Paris extends the reach of its gastronomic expertise across Paris and maximises capacity by 70%

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Food Delivery - Restaurant



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Local Business


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Parsley Paris – a restaurant and delivery service – was founded in 2020. One year ago, their aim was to grow and develop their branding and their communication. Big Dreams’s support and local marketing expertise have helped Parsley meet these goals and drive their success.


The Parsley eatery is a popular place to get tasty, high-quality food across Paris. Their passionate culinary experts have taken their mission to sell their food seriously. Its capacity has been maximised by 70% over the last 8 months – but initially, Parsley struggled to reach this success.

“Lyam and his team at BigDreams have saved our business, when we started I was going to close my hair salon but instead Lyam helped us go from one Hair Salo to 6 in just five years. Each hair salon is profitable and hires over 15 people each. And we expect to expand to 14 hairsalon within the next 4 years.


Owner, Valessio Coiffeur

Challenge - satisfying the hunger for growth

Business growth for their restaurant was the Parsley Paris team’s first challenge. They wanted to fulfil their maximum capacity but were unsure how to achieve this. 


Their second goal was to build brand awareness and develop their communication strategy in order to begin selling tasty treats Paris-wide. They also wanted to begin maximising their capacity for their delivery service, which was another final challenge. 

These challenges all stemmed from Parsley’s marketing difficulties – which is where Big Dreams came in.


Our team implemented our in-depth Local Marketing Model consisting of multiple local-focused techniques and solutions. This primarily relied on the use of a social media approach to enhance awareness of the brand. 

We used an omnichannel marketing approach to ensure their customers’ experience was faultless across all touchpoints. We then extended our local marketing model approach to multiple areas across Paris and replicated the results across each district.


Brand awareness was important for the Parsley brand. We used Facebook and Instagram specifically within the local marketplace to begin building brand awareness – first for the restaurant and then for delivery service. 

Each time Parsley Paris delivered a meal to their clients, we would feature quality images of their food via the brand’s social media channels. 

We were aware of the main advantage of Facebook and Instagram for the Parsley brand – it made it simpler to target clients in specific districts across Paris compared with Google advertising, enabling hyper-focused, cost-efficient marketing campaigns.

We worked closely alongside Parsley to implement, test, and review these strategies. Once we had established that the local marketing model worked for one district, we began scaling and adapting our solutions to expand across various locations in Paris.

One requirement – alongside replicating these results across each location – was to make the brand more unified. As such, we created a style guide to give the brand cohesion across each different location in Paris. 

We also improved the communication strategy for this brand; for example, by setting up notifications and initiating a marketing automation set-up. This consisted of sending Parsley’s diners emails and SMS messaging from the brand to increase retention using a variety of remarketing techniques.

We combined this with a reward program and loyalty strategy, which also helped to increase customer retention.

All of this was backed up by data intelligence and reports that helped us understand more about Parsley’s demographic and target market.


The result of our collaboration with Parsley Paris is that they generated an 30% increase in their ROI. They have seen an 60% increase in their utilisation rate and have begun to rely on organic social media shares to propel their brand forward.

Their organic traffic has increased by 150% and the fully unified brand is excelling in its reach. Now, this team of culinary experts can be found across Paris, selling delicious food to satisfied clients – all thanks to Big Dreams’ Local Marketing Model.







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