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Lockfeet has become an impressive brand in recent years. They have increased their retention rate significantly and boosted their organic traffic by 50%, and every visitor they receive now purchases an additional two units of shoes. 

The Lockfeet brand has set the standard for shoes that are safe and easy to wear. Their products are now used in a vast range of industries – but to reach this level of success, this B2C and B2B business requested the backing of the Big Dreams team to grow their brand and increase profits. This is what we did.

“Lyam and his team at BigDreams have saved our business, when we started I was going to close my hair salon but instead Lyam helped us go from one Hair Salo to 6 in just five years. Each hair salon is profitable and hires over 15 people each. And we expect to expand to 14 hairsalon within the next 4 years.


Owner, Valessio Coiffeur

The Challenge - boosting profits and going beyond breaking even

Lockfeet’s main challenge was to increase its sales for the long term. Despite the fact they had spent a large amount on paid advertising, their return on investment was low and they were just about breaking even rather than making solid profits.

Their goal was to boost their ROI from their marketing strategies and increase profits. They also wanted to increase customer retention and grow the business, but were uncertain about the ideal marketing approaches to accomplish this. 


We used our Local Marketing Model to start the process of growing the Lockfeet brand. Our local-focused approach would rely heavily on content-led SEO approaches and content strategies that targeted Lockfeet’s most valuable potential customers. 

Our Local Marketing Model allowed Lockfeet to set a limit on their marketing budget and expenses, which were initially exceeding their profits. We backed this up with an omnichannel marketing approach to enhance their customers’ experience across multiple channels. 

Then, once our localised model was proven successful, we would recreate the same strategy for different geographical Parisian zones.


First, our team worked with Lockfeet to create several different landing pages, each one specifically targeting customers who worked in particular industries – such as nurses and electricians – who could make use of Lockfeet’s unbreakable shoes. Our team carried out comprehensive keyword research, SEO implementation, and content planning to back up these landing pages.


While working with Lockfeet we also initiated paid campaigns to generate more sales and increase brand awareness. To achieve success with these campaigns, we used analytical tools such as Power BI to pinpoint any potential gaps in the market the team could capitalise on.

We backed this up with targeted, personalised campaigns. To do this, we first set about understanding the local market, using analytical tools and manual research to identify the most valuable audiences to target. We then initiated our personalised campaigns, sending tailored emails and SMS messaging from the Lockfeet brand to their customers, increasing brand awareness and visibility. 

The Power BI acquisition tool again had a hand in shaping our email retention strategies. It enabled us to create a schedule for our email retention approach and made our marketing automation strategy simpler to implement.

Finally, our strategy implemented a paid advertising strategy designed with hyper-focused, targeted advertising in mind. This approach involved identifying various persona strategies and then producing quality content targeted at Lockfeet’s specific audience. The aim was to use paid ads to drive efficient lead generation and increase brand awareness.


Lockfeet has seen its brand grow at an astounding rate. This is evidenced in the significant increase in their organic traffic from 10% to 50% and an increased customer retention rate, with every visitor who accesses their site purchasing two extra units of shoes. 

Since implementing our campaigns, Lockfeet has seen a 17% increase in conversion rates. This brand is now stronger than ever and ready to conquer the market with support from Big Dreams’ Local Marketing Model.


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